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No. There are no such websites for minors, because:

  • The law requires you to be 13 or over to have accounts online.
  • The law requires you to be 18 or over (sometimes 21 or over in some countries) to access adult material.
  • A minor does not understand the concept of love and dating as an adult does, no matter how much they think they do.
  • Such a site would be banned almost instantly because it is a liability and a hassle to law enforcement due to the high risk of sex offenders who will prey on such sites.

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No, online dating is typically reserved for individuals who are of legal age to consent to a romantic relationship. It is important for children to focus on school, friendships, and personal development at this age.

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no, but i wish there was

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Q: Is there online dating for 10 year olds?
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