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No, there are more black men on earth than white men, so it stands to reason that there are also more gay black men than gay white men.

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Q: Is there more white gay men than black men?
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Can black girls be lesbians?

Yes, in fact they're more likely to be gay than white girls!

What are the release dates for Black White and Gay - 2012?

Black White and Gay - 2012 was released on: USA: 20 October 2012 (internet)

Your mate is wearing white socks with his black leather shoes is he gay?

No gay man in their right mind would wear white socks with black leather shoes. Straight men are much more likely to do that sort of thing.

How many black guys are gay?

Les than 5% of Black guys are gay.

What race is gay black or white?

Neither race is itself "gay", but members of both races can be gay.

Why are all gay people white?

well there not ALL gay like in 8-mile there is a black dude that is supoosedly gay. and even though someone is gay you shouldn't treat them any different than to another person that is straight. *Rember That* no

Do young gay black men live more 'civilized and happier lives' while they are together than 'heterosexual average black men'?

It doesnt matter whether your black or white, gay or straight, old or young, none of them things can make you have a better relationship. The only thing that can make you have a better relationship is if you are with someone that you love and they love you.

Are the Bulldogs Gay?

Yes They are they are more gay than a gay bar

Is getting a black and white phone case for a guy gay?

No. If you are a heterosexual, even a pink iPhone wouldn't be 'gay'.

Is Essex hemphill gay?

He is now deceased, but yes he was gay. He is known for his activism for equality and rights for gay men. His poetry addresses the sexual objectification of black men in white culture, relationships among gay black men and non gay black men, HIV/AIDS in the black community and the meaning of family.

Is California for white people or gay people?

The state of California is for and has many different types of people be it gay, straight, black, white, male, female and so on. Also, gay people and white people are not two different races of people. To be gay or homosexual is a sexual preference while to be white is a race within the entire human race, and a person can be both (gay and white) at the same time.

Do gay guys get talked about more than gay girls?


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