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You can get pregnant by Atificial Insemination without ever having sex.

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Q: Is there more ways to get pregnant than having sex'?
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How does a doctor know you had a miscarriage if you did not even know you were pregnant?

Because of the levels of a certain hormone in your body and the way the lining of your uterus is. There are lots of ways for a doctor to know if you had a miscarriage. He can give you a blood test right afterward that will test your levels of HCG in the blood. If it is more than two, then you were pregnant.

Ways to clean out your sysyem while pregnant?

i need to clean out my system before i have my baby

Is there any other ways to not get pregnant?

The safest way is to use a condom or birth control during sex, but even if you use them you still have a 2% chance of getting pregnant. The only other way to prevent becoming pregnant indefinetly is to not have sex altogether.

Is 185 pounds overweight if you are 6 foot?

not necessarily. im 150 pounds and only 5'8. you can have alot of muscle, which ways more than fat.

How long does it get to stay pregnant with another baby. We already have a boy and have been trying for another baby for 4 months with no luck. I am getting very frustrated.?

Do not get frustrated mommy! Stress will not help. All you can do is keep trying. After you have a baby, getting pregnant is usually easier, but if you are having problems, you can always talk to your doctor about it. Making sure you are healthy and daddy is healthy will also help. No smoking or drinking! And when you are finished having sex, try rolling up into a ball, bringing your knees to your chest and lie on your back.. this will help make sperm penetrate your uterus better. You can find alot more ways by searching "methods to concieve" on the internet

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What are some creative ways to announce that one is having a baby?

Some creative ways to announce that one is having a baby is to wear a shirt saying "I'm Pregnant." This way, everyone you meet will know that you're pregnant and it will be a surprise.

What are the different ways by which a girl can get pregnant?

For what i know until now the only way is by having sex and him coming in you .

How can you know if your nanny goat is pregnant?

There is not many ways to know if the goat is pregnant right away. A person will know for sure if a goat is pregnant when her stomach get larger and she starts having milk.

How does a girl know she is pregnant?

There are several ways to know if you are pregnant. A pregnancy test is one way to know. Not having periods is another clue. She may have morning sickness. Some women "just know" and have this feeling they are pregnant. A little later, she may find that she craves different foods or that certain foods start to upset her stomach more than before. It all depends on the exact woman.

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Are you more likely to get colds when pregnant?

Yes in fact. The body is more likely to catch infections when it is down or at stress. Being pregnant is putting the body under stress in a number of ways.

Ways in which to get pregnant?


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