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1 in every 100 people are born gay and that applies to gay women as well!

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Q: Is there more straight people than gay?
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Are gay people dangerous?

No. Gay people are no more or less dangerous than straight people.

Do most gay men get HPV?

No, more straight people get HPV than gay people.

Can gay men get aids faster than not gay people?

Gay people are said to get AIDS faster than straight people because they are thought to change sexual partners more often; so a gay person can get aids as easily as a straight person if they change sexual partners with same frequency.

Do gay people make more money than straight people?

As of 2017, gay people actually earn more money than their straight counterparts.Gay People Make More Money Than Their Straight Peers

Why is renal disease gay?

Renal disease is not gay. Also, it affects more straight people than gay people.

How many gay people spread diseases?

All human beings, gay or straight, have the capacity to spread disease. More straight people spread disease than gay people.

Why do gay people die younger than straight people?

They don't. This is a myth. However, gay teens are more likely to commit suicide than straight teens, due to rejection by family.

Are there more gay people than straight in the world?

No. Only a small fraction of the world is gay; about 3-8%.

Do gay people have better rights than the average person?

What are "better" rights? Depending on where we live, gay people may have fewer rights than straight people or the same rights. (For example, a group of lawyers in Minnesota has identified 515 rights in state laws that straight people have that gay people do not have.) I'm not aware of any place where we have more rights than straight people.

Are gay people dirty?

Being dirty has nothing to do with sexual orientation. But if you look at the numbers, there are more dirty straight people on this planet than gay people.

Are gay people ugly?

No more than straight or bi people. It's not who you fall in love with that determines your appearance.

Are there more gay sociopaths that straight sociopaths?

No, in fact, it's the opposite. There are many more straight sociopaths than gay ones.