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The best chance for pregnancy is in days 14-18 of a 28 day cycle. To determine these days keep a monthly calendar. Mark the first day of your period as day #1 and keep marking each day until the next cycle. At the mid point of a cycle ovulation takes place and this is usually on/around day 14. Sperm will live 5-6 days in the uterus so if sex takes place about day 11 or 12 of the cycle it is very likely that a pregnancy could result when ovulation takes place.

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Q: Is there more chance of pregnancy during periods?
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If you miss your period would you have a better chance of bleeding during pregnancy rather than if you didnt miss it would you have more blood for the more missed periods my fiance dont get periods?

Your Fiance is either already pregnate or she is taking some type of birth control.

Can you still have more than one period in early pregnancy?

Sometimes it is commen for women to have periods during pregnancy. But, any kind of bleeding during a pregnancy should be reported to your doctor so they can check just in case to make sure that there was no miscarriage.

Can a girl get pregnant any time during her cycle?

Yes it is possible. Depending on which day in the cycle there is more or less of a chance that pregnancy can occur.

How do you find pregnancy?

If a woman has been sexually active & misses 2 or more periods, there is a good chance she can be pregnant. There are many "Pregnancy tests" available at any drug store, most are simple URINE tests. The test shows a "+ or -" in a few minutes indicating whether the urine indicates a pregnancy or not.

Is there more chance to have multiple pregnancy if you have just have had a dilation and curettage?

No it is not.

Is it safe to smoke if your pregnant?

Smoking during pregnancy is very dangerous for the fetus. While in the womb, the fetus is getting nutrients from its mother. When the mother smokes, she is exposing her baby to dangerous toxins. When you smoke during pregnancy you also stand a higher chance for your child to have medical problems such as premature, asthma, ear related illnesses. When smoking during pregnancy, your child has poorer lung function, and has a much higher chance of blood clots. Smoking during pregnancy also increases your chances of a miscarriage, and causes your child to have a higher chance of picking up smoking in his/her future. For more information, check out the multiple related links that have been attached.

Why aren't eggs safe to eat?

Because, during pregnancy, you're more susceptible to microorganisms - and there is a VERY slight chance of the eggs containing salmonella if they're not cooked properly !

Does first time love making delay the next date of periods?

No; pregnancy is a more likely explanation.

Can pregnancy make you have your period more than once a month for a few months in a row?

No pregnancy cannot cause this. This sounds like irregular periods. See your Doctor.

How does late age affect pregnancy?

Because when girls stop having periods, they cant get pregnant any more.

Being pregnant and on birth control will you still have your period?

STOP! Do NOT take oral contraceptives if you even suspect you might be pregnant. It can cause birth defects. And, yes, you may have one or more periods during your pregnancy.

What is the chance of a baby elephant dying during birth or pregnancy?

40% As soon as it comes out it will need immediate help otherwise the chances of it dying can be high. look on WIKIPEDIA ELEPHANTS for more info