Is there going to be new stuff on Webkinz?

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2008-10-30 12:49:49

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There always is

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2008-10-30 12:49:49
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Q: Is there going to be new stuff on Webkinz?
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How can you find out about the Webkinz of the month?

You can find out about the pet of the month by going to the front page and going up to webkinz pets and stuff, and click continue at the bottem of that thing, webkinz pets and stuff. then it will tell you about it and what this month is, and the next. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why doesn't the Webkinz pets and stuff page show the new Webkinz?

it does on the last page

What do you do on Webkinz if your stuff is stolen and you have no money?

get a new password

When is the black poodle Webkinz going to be Webkinz pet of the month don't forget the year?

log into webkinz and then click on webkinz pets and stuff. it will tell you what this month's and next month's pets are.

Is there going to be a new webkinz April 2010?


When are the new webkinz going to be in storses?

Really soon!!!! I can promise that!!!

How do you reastart your account on webkinz?

You can do this... Buy another Webkinz , start your new account, then send all your old stuff from your old account to your new account whal la!

Is there going to be a webkinz walrus?

Go to to see all webkinz news. And it is free. The site will tell you past webkinz, future webkinz, and new webkinz. The site also has contests to win webkinz for free!

What is the Webkinz roadtrip?

The Webkinz Road Trip is where people go and have a good time by getting free Webkinz and Stuff like that. I will be going to one in Santa Rosa, California today at Kaleidoscope toys. BevOlee

How long did the webkinz where going on?

webkinz has been going on since 2005 webkinz has been going on since 2005

Are there going to be new webkinz rooms?

Yes they make new rooms all the time.

Why are people still so interested in webkinz?

a lot of people are interested in webkinz because the people who made the website are constantly making new stuff and there is a lot of fun stuff to do on webkinz like tournament arena and gem hunt and employment office and KINZCASH!

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