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Q: Is there chat rooms for 9 year olds only?
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What are some chat rooms for 12 year olds?


Are there chat rooms for 13 year olds?

Well I don't know if your asking if we agree or disagree for chat rooms for 12 year olds but i agree just as long as there moderated by some adult.

Are there any freindly free chat rooms for 10 year olds?


Is there chat rooms for just 9 year olds?

i think so em yeah

Is there a chat room site for fifteen year olds?

Yes, there are loads of websites. Search in google. Type in: chat rooms teenagers. Something good should come up.

Is there a virtual 3D chat room for 12 year olds?

There are probably alot of chat rooms for young children like 12 years old.

Are there gay chat rooms for 11 - 18 year olds?

Homosexuality is still illegal in most countries in the world under the age of consent. So it is highly unlikely that there is any official gay chat rooms for under age children.

What are good teen chat rooms?

Imvu. Our world... Moviestarplanet(13 years probs although i know 15 year olds playing it)

Are there nine year old chat rooms?

I doubt there is, Chat rooms are used mostly for teens and adults

Is there a chat website that 9-12 year olds can chat?

These are sites which are good for 9 to 12 year old's to chat:

Places for kids under 16 to chat?

Are there any places for eleven year olds to chat

Chat games for under 10 year olds?