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Okay like honestly, this question is really stupid. You don't get pregnant with just anyone, it has to be someone you love, and you're probably really young because this question just shows how naive you are. I don't think you know what it's like to be a mother, and 'the popular guy' won't be around for long, just because he got you knocked up, doesn't mean he'll be sticking around. Plus, why would you want to ruin your life at such a young age, are you that out to lunch? Like comon get with it, I think someone needs to talk some sense into you. By the way, getting kocked up with the popular kid, will only get you a fat stomache and a label called "the school whore". So I hope you're prepared to sleep with all the boys because after the news travels, you're pretty much done, and any respect people had for you, will basically go out the window.

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Q: Is there any way you can get this popular guy to get you PREGNANT?
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Is there any way you can get this popular guy to get PREGNANT?


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