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yes there are many apps on the iPod touch that allow you to do this.

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Q: Is there any way to call free from internet?
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Is there any free software like Delphi?

yes why not . you try to search in better way in internet and you can find that

What is the best way to manage a Sirius Satellite radio account if one does not have access to the internet?

The best way for one to manage a Sirius Satellite radio account if there is no internet access available is to call the toll free phone number and speak to a representative. Any account management can be done over the phone.

How do you connect to web without service?

The internet is not like television. There is no free way to the internet (or at least not any more) unless you visit a library or your school.

Does the ipod touch have a phone in any way?

No, but it does have emailyeah it does you can call and text but you gotta buy the earphones that have the mic built in it then you need to download the text free with voice app from iTunes the app is free the only bad thing about it is that you can only use it when you have an internet connection

Has anyone found a way to download the sims 2 on there computer from the internet without any problems or viruses?

Downloading any game over the Internet requires purchasing the game from a retailer such as EA and downloading it from them. Once you have the file, you install from setup.exe and install the game. There is no legal way of downloading games for free over the Internet. Typically, any version of the Sims 2 that is being offered for free over the Internet has a virus.

How do you get a droid for free?

I don't think so their is any way of doing this other than to get it free from some lucky draw :-) If you are looking for Android software then you may get it free from internet.

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there is a simple way to call in Pakistan from uae also from any other country...just visit this .www.meovoip.tkor call0558030795

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There are numerous teleconference suppliers. If all participants have internet access, the cheapest way to call would be by using Skype as this is a free service and all you need do is download and install the free software to connect.

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There is no way to call Pakistan free. You can buy cards from this website and ask people to call you from there. This is the cheapest way, visit this website

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No. DLC for any Call of Duty you had to pay money for, and MW3 will continue that way.

If you close internet explorer does it affect Firefox in any way?

No, program-wise it will not. Although, it can free some network bandwidth for you to use.

Where can I find out more about the free Cloud Server?

You can find more information about free cloud server off the internet you go to search and type in free cloud server and take to site that offer you way to get free cloud server. And any information you find that is free it wise to check into it first you do background check on any internet site by going to the BBB website or any site that dose costumer rating.