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That is an issue that you should discuss with your attending physician. There are a number of studies that have determined with virtual certainty that drinking while pregnant can cause low birth weight, a variety of developmental problems, and actual alcohol addiction in the fetus, which must be treated after the child is born, if the mother drinks alcoholically herself.

A minimum harmful dose has not been established.

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Q: Is there any safe amount of alcohol to consume when pregnant?
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Can pregnant women drink champagne?

No. A pregnant woman should never consume alcohol.Drinking any type of alcohol in any amount during pregnancy drastically increases the chance of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). No alcohol should be consumed during pregnancy.

Is it still safe to drink a beer while pregnant when it is only weeks old?

No absolutely not! It's not safe to consume any alcohol product while pregnant no matter how far you are into pregnancy. Hope this helps

Is it safe for astronauts to consume alcohol in space?


How much cake batter is safe to consume?

As much as you want except if your pregnant

What is the most alcohol you can have while pregnant?

According to the CDC and the Surgeon General, NO amount of alcohol, has been proven safe in pregnancy and small amounts, even before you know you are pregnant, can negatively effect your baby. See:

What are the Side effects in drinking NyQuil while pregnant?

Make sure there is no alcohol in Nyquil!! No amount of alcohol is safe in pregnancy. Medications that are safe in the third trimester of pregnancy may not be safe in the first, so you should check with your doctor. Depending on your symptoms, you should be able to take something that will help you to feel better.

Does the absence of a tolerable upper intake level for nutrients imply that it is safe to consume any amount?

the absence of a ul for a nutrient does not imply that it is safe to consume any amount, however. it means only that insuficent data exist to establish a value

Can you have alcohol after having the cervical cancer needle?

Yes, it is assumed to be safe to consume alcohol after having the HPV vaccine. There are no known side effects between the HPV vaccine and consumption of alcohol.

What are the guidelines for safe drinking for adults?

For women who are pregnant, the answer is ZERO alcohol due to the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome. For women who are not pregnant, the answer is 1 drink a day, and for men it's 2 drinks a day. Anymore that this amount will take away all the good science says benefits the body.

How does alcohol influence the baby in the womb?

When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, so does her baby. Drinking may harm her developing baby. (Fetus) Alcohol passes from the mother's blood, into the babies blood. It can damage and affect the growth of the babies cells. Studies do not yet show that it is safe for a pregnant woman to drink even a small amount, as different babies react differently to even the tiniest bit of alcohol. Although the risk is higher with heavy alcohol use- any amount of alcohol may affect your developing baby. You may be able to prevent FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) by not drinking at all when you are pregnant. Hope this helps. :)

6 months pregnant can you have alcohol?

Doctors now recommend no alcohol during pregnancy at all as they are unable to determine a safe limit.

Is it safe to consume red dye during pregnancy?

can you have anything with red dye while pregnant?