Is there any games like miniplanet?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Well you can try yoville. Its kinda like miniplanet but its a slightly less fun. But its still worth trying out! Its a Zynga game like Cityville, Farmville, Mafia wars, treasure isle, and frontierville!

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Q: Is there any games like miniplanet?
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Chat games like zwinky? and miniplanet on facebook.

Is there any games on Facebook like yoville Where u can chat?

There are many games out there and i am looking for more.... I know Miniplanet is very fun -My favorite game on Facebook and there is Ameba Pico -Miniplanet -Ameba Pico -Habbo Some people recommend habbo but honestly i don't like it

Where do we find online games like miniplanet or club penguin or you know these style games?

on facebook

How do you get money and items on miniplanet?

On miniplanet you can get money and items by rating events and playing games. You can also peurchase rare items that will make you appear like you have money.

How do you get exp on miniplanet?

You get like 15 exp every like hour or so and you can play games and buy stuff.

How do you get free credits on MiniPlanet?

pay games

Are there any cheat codes for miniplanet facebook?


Are there games were you can chat?

Habbo, IMVU, There, MiniPlanet(available on facebook), hope this helps

How do you earn xp faster on miniplanet?

You can earn Miniplanet Xp faster if you: Play games Clean your friends pads Buy furniture/clothing And Give Luv!! Hoped I helped!!!! :D

Can you play on miniplanet even if ya dont have a bebo account?

You can play miniplanet on facebook as well as facebook :D Try it out, do you know any cheats for it? :S

How do you get 10k on miniplanet?

buy miniplanet version 1.1

Is there any miniplanet money cheats?

no there is not but you can save up your money............or sell things ......------------------------------------------------------------------------U HV LOTS OF GLITCHES ON MINIPLANET CLICK ON ANY OF THESE LINKS FOR THE GLITCHES: