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there is an owner's manual.

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Q: Is there an assembly manual for a western six 22 pistol?
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Where can you get parts for a Western Six pistol?

What is the value of a western six pistol serial?

50-150 usd

Where can you find pistol grips for a western six caliber 22 pistol?

most any large gun store will have them.

How much is a western six pistol 22 lr 6 shot?

10-100 usd

How do you disassemble your western six pistol?

Unless you have experience or an exploded parts diagram, don't do it. Go to a gunsmith and have them show you how.

What does a 22 caliber sierra six pistol look like?

The Sierra Six looks like a ruger single six- or a colt peacemaker. Basically it looks like any pistol you would see on an old western movie. A good- low cost shooter....

Parts for kimel western six single action 22 cal?

Gun shop, gun show, estate sale, garage sale,

Value of the western six pistol 22 lr 6 shot made by kimel industries nc?

50-75 or so

Was western six pistol made in 1955?

A company by the name of Great Western Arms started producing replicas of the Colt Peacemaker in California in about 1954. They were in business for no less than 4 or 5 years.

What is a six letter word for handgun?


What is the most popular 22 cal pistol?

Ruger Single Six

What were the six weapons in the movie CLUE?

The six weapons were the following:knifecandlestickropewrenchlead piperevolver