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Q: Is there an age limit on Facebook?
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Does Facebook have an age limit?

yes, facebook's age limit is 13 years old.

What is the age limit to open a facebook account?

13 is the age limit to open a Facebook account.

Is there a maximum age limit to Facebook?

There is no maximum age limit!

Should there be a age limit on Facebook?

There is an age limit on facebook. You must be 13 years old to register.

What is the age limit for Facebook?

The age limit is 12+ i think or its 13+ if your under 13 then poor you=(

How old do you have to be for Farm Town?

I'm not sure what the age limit for Facebook is. The FarmTown age limit is the same as Facebook's, which I think is any age! You may need to be 13 years of age.

Why is 13 the age limit for facebook?

The limit is 13 because some stuff on facebook is inappropriate for children under 13. There are filtered words and items on Otherwise, Facebook would have no age limit. That is why people who say that they were born under the age 13, can not sign up for

Is there a minimum age limit for Facebook in California?

facebook has a minimum age limit. (13) but if you can easily lie about it on the computer, just change the year. The state of California doesn't care.

When do kids usually get a Facebook?

The age limit for Facebook is thirteen years old. However, most kids usually get a Facebook around the age of eleven of twelve.

Can I sign up for Facebook if I am seventy years old?

No age limit

How old does your facebook account have to be to get timeline?

anyone can get a timeline. there are no age limit.

What is the facebook age limit?

The age limit is 13 and over. However some children lie about the year and fill in the right month and day.