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Not really- although there have been a few attempts to start something like that. Stolen arms are entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database by the police. That can be accessed by all police departments, but is not open to the public. Ask local law enforcement to check if you are in doubt.

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Q: Is there a website you can visit to see if a pistol has been reported stolen by its serial number?
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Where do you enter the serial number on this pistol to see if it is stolen?

It it has been reported stolen, ask your local police to run it.

What is the age of a Wurlitzer piano serial number 780833?

That serial number is reported to be manufactured in 1962, according to the website listed below.

How old is a ruger 22 cal long rifle pistol serial 13-45392?

Ruger website, customer service, historical data- and you need the MODEL of the pistol. Your serial number indicates that your Ruger pistol was made in the year 1976.The ending serial number for that year was 13-48646.

How can I find out if a Ruger P85 Pistol is stolen?

Ask you local police to run the serial number. It has been reported it will show up.

How can the date of manufacture of an Springfield 1911 pistol be determined by the serial number?

The lower the serial number the younger the pistol is

22 cal ruger pistol 219310 how old?

Ruger's website has serial number data on its products.

Is FIE Titan 25 cal pistol serial ED 49234 listed as stolen?

You will have to have the police run the serial number. If it has been reported to the police, it will likely show up.

What is the age of this browning pistol by it's serial number 245py85135?

The PY in the middle of your serial number dates your pistol to 1982.

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What is the age of a smith Wesson pistol with a serial number of J318086

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See the Browning website- customer service. Date of production by serial number listing.

What year is a Ruger 22 standard serial number 472xxx?

Go to the Ruger website. Customer Service, historical data, pistol, your model, and check serial number range.

What is a colt pistol serial number G23633?

You will have to call Colt with the serial number to find out.

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