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The best way to tell if a woman is bi-curious is to ask her.

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Q: Is there a way to tell if a woman is bi curious?
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How do you tell if you are a bi-curious women?

If u feel for a woman, and stare @ her u like looking at woman and get aroused by them, fantasize. If u look at other babes boobs or where their vagina is, and you get all horny, and you want to have lesbian sex, you're probably bi-curious.

What is the best way to make a guy hard over im?

Tell them about your bi curious detail.EVERYTIME...EVERYTIME!!

What term is used to describe a woman wanting to experiment with the lesbian lifestyle?


How do you know if someone is bi curious?

it's hard to tell when you're figuring it out about someone else but if it's about your self well you will know what you like it's either full gay bi or straight no bi curious that's bull lol

How you can tell if your wife bi curious?

ask her if your married all bondrys should be dropped, if u think she might be ask her. But be able to back up why you might think so, cause a lot of women will ask what made you think so.

What is the main difference between Bi-curious and Bisexual?

Bi-sexuals have come to an understanding about their sexuality, and bi-curious are trying to figure it out.

How do you tell if your girlfriend is bi curious?

If she likes both boys & girls but prefers one over the other.

Is payton blanchette gay?

Maybe bi-curious or bi?

How do you tell a girl you like that your a lesbian?

Unfortunately, there's no easy way. Just ask, tentatively, if she was ever bi-curious. If she says yes, then onwards. But if she said. no, then tell her anyway. She may just be shy! Say, well, would you like to experiment? (I recently discovered I was bi, and I asked my best friend out this way. It went great!)

Is quagmire bi-curious?


What is the difference between being curious and being bi sexual?

Curious is you think about it, but your are not sure Bi is you are sure that you go both ways

How do you tell if youre bi curious?

Humans are curious. t's our nature. Everyone thinks of these things. I wonder how i'd be bi. Don't worry love the answer will come to you with time, but if you get the chance to expereince anything, try it. We're not cats we only got 1 life.