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you must convert it to another format playable on iphone, like mp4 for example. search for .avi to mp4 converter there are a lot of free converter programs out there. hope this helps as iphone is not capable of playing divx directly. Using Orb you can actually stream whatever is on your PC, DivX or any other format, to your iPhone.

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Q: Is there a way to play divx on iPhone?
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Which DVD/VCR combo players can play DivX movies?

Any reputable DVD/VCR players should be able to play DivX movie format.

What is a good iPhone converter?

Videora iPhone Converter ( is a free iPhone video converter that converts video files, YouTube videos, movies and DVD's so you can play them on your iPhone. The software, developed by the creators of Videora, can convert all types of video files (avi, divx, xvid, flv, x264, vob, mpeg, DVD's, YouTube, etc.) into the proper video formats (MPEG-4, H.264) that play on the iPhone.

Is Divx illegal?

DivX is just a technology. Technology used to store video stream in effective way. There is nothing illegal about DivX itself. DivX, is practicaly same thing like DVD from this point of view. Is DVD illegal ?

How do you Play divx on xbox 360?

You can't. Compatibility issue.

Does sony dav-dz 260 play divx movies?

only on disc not on usb as stated on the instruction booklet. DivX video files

Does DVD player having divx can play wmv files?

yes it does.

Can ipods play divx?

u can find a program to convert the DIVXs first.

What video format will lg ln790 play?

it supports both DivX and XvID video

Does the Panasonic DMR-EZ48V play wmvs too?

No.It only plays Divx and DVD's

Can a DVD player that supports divx files play a avi file that was burned on to DVD?

Mine does avi fine and that was bought 4 years ago. I think DivX and avi files are the same format.

How can you speed up divx streaming?

sorry the only way to speed it up is to wait

Will a divx DVD player play a .avi xvid divx file IF there is more than just movies on the DVD ie .doc files?

Yes we have put several divx movies and music files on one 2gig flash drive watches all the movies no problems and played some music