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Hi there Im not a doctor but this is from personal experience There is no way to stop your period quickly but if you live in the uk like me you can try the pill which delays your period until you stop taking it If this is not a option gentle excerise can ease heavy bleeding and doing stretches hope this helps xxx

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Q: Is there a way to get rid of your period as soon as possible if you want to stop bleeding quickly?
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What is as quickly as possible?

The answer is soon

Is acute bleeding of the esophagus life threatening?

According to "The goal of treatment is to stop acute bleeding as soon as possible, and treat varices with medicines and medical procedures. Bleeding must be controlled quickly to prevent shock and death."

What should I do if I have vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement?

Vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement is potentially very serious. You should see a doctor as soon as possible to determine the cause.

You are 4 and a half weeks pregnant and you started bleeding what does that mean?

Lots of blood is bad. If it is like a period, head for the doctor as soon as humanly possible.

What is another word for as quickly as possible?

asap, which means (as soon as possible)

What should you do if you are bleeding and in pain you are currently in the jab?

See a doctor as soon as possible

How do you stop your hamster from bleeding from it's leg?

Take it to the vet as soon as possible

What does it mean when you fart blood?

Call your doctor as soon as soon possible this is a sign of internal bleeding this is very dangerous.

What is a four letter word that means quickly as possible?


How do you tell if you are having a missed carriage?

if you are having pains/like period cramps in your stomach and also if you might be bleeding than you should go to the e.r or to see a doctor as soon as possible

Why does milk have to be processed as soon as possible after collection?

Because it will spoil quickly.

After implantation bleeding is it possible to still be pregnant after receiving a period 2 weeks later?

If you have had implantation bleeding, that would mean you are pregnant. Now if you are having your period, see a doctor immediately. Periods can be normal during pregnancy, if it is brown. If it is red, that might mean a miscarriage is coming. Yes, it could be implantation bleeding, cervical changes, signs of an ectopic pregnancy or signs of a miscarriage. If you are concerned you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.