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Yes there is at the LEGO store in mall of America but it is like close to 500$!

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Q: Is there a titanic LEGO set too buy?
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What is the weight of a LEGO set?

It depends on the number of bricks in the lego set. The lego sets range between light and mildly heavy. I haven't lifted a lego set that felt too heavy yet.

How much is it too buy a portrait of you from the LEGO shop in London?


Where to buy the Lego universe game disc?

someone answer it because i need to get it.and you will be able to get it too.

Where can you buy LEGO cheaply?

Well in Oahu there is a Lego store in Ala Moana and you can pick your own legos too. You can also go to eBay or amazon, and lastly for great prices on Lego.

Will the titanic be salvaged?

The wreck of Titanic will not be raised. She is far too fragile to be moved.

Was the last Titanic survivor in the Titanic movie?

no she is too old to be in the movie

How many different types of Lego are there?

Too many! If you have a LEGO history book, maybe it's there.

How did the Titanic hit an iceberg?

The Titanic hit the Iceberg because it was traveling too fast.

How many different types of LEGO sets are there?

Too many! If you have a Lego history book, maybe it's there.

Did titanic sisters sink too?


Where to fide cheap Lego batman set?

you can find all kinds of Lego batman sets the 2009 and 2008 sets you can buy online on websites like eBay and amazon also you can buy 2012and 2013 sets in places like tesco, Argos, Salisbury's , Morrison's ,toysrus too so just look in the one nearest to you but i mostly recommend toysrus and tesco not eBay or amazon because in eBay the price can change and delivery cost is not cheapand adds on the price.

How many of the survivors from the Titanic played in the movie Titanic?

None, they would be too old to be in the movie