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No, there is no such thing as a cell phone directory. Cell phone numbers are considered private and not public.

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Q: Is there a free cell phone directory for T Mobile customers?
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Is there a cell phone directory available for Verizon customers?

Verizon has the directory assistance where they provide user for their query about their number, Usually one can call to help assistance officer and she/he can help you with directory assistance

Is there a directory for cell phones?

No, there is no directory for mobile phone numbers. Some telephone directory websites may include mobile numbers, but only if the mobile user has specifically asked for the number to be listed on that website.

What types of extra services does Cricket Mobile provide it's customers?

There are many types of extra services that Cricket Mobile provides its customers. Examples of extra services that Cricket mobile provides its customers with includes prepaid cell phones and cell phone plans.

What kinds of phone plans are available to Nextel customers?

There are some phone plans available to Nextel customers. They are Chatr Wireless unlimited plan, Wind Mobile cell plans, Sprint phone plans, pre-paid mobile plans, etc.

What does mobile to mobile entail?

It means cell phone to cell phone.

Who is the Company owner of Virgin Mobile mobile phones?

Virgin Mobile is owned by Virgin Group owned by Sir Richard Branson. Virgin Mobile cell phones operate of T Mobile cell phone towers. There has been rumors that AT&T is to buy out T Mobile and incorporate it's customers into their network, but I am unsure as to whether or not Virgin Mobile customers would transfer over to Go Phone services.

Do mobile phones come equipped with directory assistance?

Depending on the phone carrier you use, you may have a free directory assistance available to you. Our small local cell phone service offers a free directory assistance that has come in very handy. If you have a smartphone, there are many aps available for you to download directory assistance.

Where can I get a cell phone directory?

You can view a cell phone directory at places like US Search, Spokeo, the National Cellular Directory, and Akiba. The National Cellular Directory would be your best bet. It is also free.

Is there a cell phone directory available by state?

Yes there is a cell phone directory available by state. Please go to "" There you can search for cell phone numbers by city, state, and zip code.

Is there a free cell phone directory in Ireland?

There are many online shops that sell cell phone directory book. is one of online shop that sells cell phone directory with any kind of authors and you can get a free book story. You can visit

Cell Directory?

What you would need to find out for the cell directory is where to find it online or to have it send it to you to your home address or somewhere were you can pick it up and try to get the cell phone that you need. What you need to check out though is to see how many phone numbers there are in the directory. The other thing is to check the region that is supported into the phone directory. The biggest cell directory is the Yellow Pages which has every phone number in the united states and you can also get some other information about businesses.

What is the difference between a cell and a mobile?

A cell phone and a mobile phone are usually considered to be the same thing.