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A kitten is a baby Cat and a puppy is a baby dog

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Q: Is there a difference in between a kitten and puppy?
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What is the difference between the height of a kitten and a puppy?

Well the the thing is that they are both little.

what is cuter a puppy or a kitten no in between?

A Kitten is cuter to me

Where would you get kitten or puppy milk?

A kitten, or a puppy.

What is trhe difference between a puppy and a dog?

a puppy is a baby dog just like a baby cat is a kitten and a dog is a full grown dog a puppy is usually under 1 yr. sometimes not most of the time.

Anna Wilson author of puppy power?

yes she is the author of puppy love pup idol and puppy power(and kitten kaboodle,kitten smitten,kitten cupid and monkey buisness)

What is a puppy cat?

a kitten

If dog is to puppy cat is to?


Can a puppy catch a cold from a kitten?

yes they can.

Whats your favouirate pet?

a puppy or a kitten

Is puppy twice smarter than kitten?

No puppies are not twice smarter than a kitten they have the same level of smartness.Sometimes it depends on the puppy and the kitten cause some puppies and dogs are smarter than others.

Why are beavers called beavers?

its not a puppy its a kitten actually

What is vivian dsena's favourite pet?

kitten and puppy.