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Sometimes there can be discrepancies between an official story and the complete truth. The official story is often a simplified or sanitized version of events for various reasons such as protecting reputations or national security. It's important to critically evaluate sources and information to get a more complete picture of what actually happened.

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Q: Is there a difference between the official story and the truth?
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What is the difference between a principle and a procedure?

A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior is called "Principle", Whereas An established or official way of doing something is called "Procedure".

How can you tell the difference between truth and lies?

Consult the Bible.

What are the differences between Russian orthodox between baptist?

The difference is between truth (Orthodox) and error (Baptists).

What is difference between honesty and cover up?

Honesty is telling the truth and a cover up is when you cover up the truth.

What did modernists believe?

That truth was objective and their was a difference between high and low culture.

What is the difference between industrial and scaffolding piercings?

The truth is there is no difference. Just different people calling it different names.

Difference between truth table and excitation table?

truth table contains inputs and excitation table takes outputs as inputs

What is a sentence using the abstract noun truth?

Criminal justice is often a search for truth as well as a search for what is right and proper. The difference between truth and falsehood is that truth describes things just as they are, or were.

What is the difference between the truth and a myth?

The truth refers to facts or reality, backed up with evidence or proof. A myth, on the other hand, is a traditional story that may not be based on reality and is often used to explain natural phenomena, customs, or beliefs.

Is the love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert based on reality or truth?

It is the truth. They were a love match and she was devistated when he died at 42.

Difference between excitation table and truth table?

truth table gives relation between i/p & o/p. excitation table is use for design of ff & counters.

Difference of fiction and non-fiction?

Generally, fiction is a story that is made up and non-fiction is true or based on truth.