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No, of course not

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Q: Is there a difference between a bull riding helmet and a hockey helmet?
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Where can you get a horse riding helmet?

you can get a horse-riding helmet at your local saddlery

What is the difference between a riding rink and riding ring?

there is no difference but there is technically no such thing as a riding 'Rink'

What riding garment starts with the letter H?

A helmet is a riding garment. It protects the rider in case of a fall or a crash.

Is wearing a riding hat important?

Yes! Make sure youu always wear a helmet when jumping! Whenever riding, have proper riding helmet, not a bike helmet or anything else!

Which is better a International riding helmet elite xtreme helmet or a GPA speedair riding helmet?

both protect equally, one just looks better.

For which sports should you wear a helmet?

Lacrosse, Football, Horse back riding, Baseball, mountain/BMX biking, some do in rugby, some do in cricket, Hockey.

What do you need when horse riding?

A helmet

Why would you wear a helmet when riding a bike?

because it's important to were a helmet.If we don't were a helmet we can get hurt will we riding a bike.

Which helmet provides the absolute best protection when riding on my motorcycle?

Any helmet with a full visor and neck protection will ge great for helmet riding. They can be pricey, though.

What is the difference between a ward and a riding?

Stuff and stuff.

The development of professional sport between 1850 and 1900?

football, cricket, hockey, horse riding

A riding helmet should be aprroved by who?

ask you local stable or riding center. where you buy the helmet (tack shop) to check, they usually have someone who can check you helmet for sizing and any problems it may have

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