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A (gridiron) football helmet is much heavier than an (ice) hockey helmet, and much thicker.

A hockey helmet does not have the full ear protection and adjustable padding of gridiron football helmets, so that it is much lighter. A gridiron football helmet is the heaviest of all common helmets, typically weighing around three kilograms or 6.5 pounds. That is even heavier than a typical motorcycle crash helmet. This high mass allows gridiron football helmets to absorb impacts from very fast blockers who typically weigh around 150 kilograms or 340 pounds today and will deliberately and consciously ram into each other during line play trying to protect or sack the quarterback.

In contrast, Ice Hockey helmets - other than those used by goalkeepers - weight around 0.8 kilograms with a plastic face mask and professional models can weigh as little as 350 grams, which is no heavier than a standard bicycle helmet.

Ice hockey helmets do not have the thick adjustable padding of gridiron football helmets; instead, they have a thin, flexible polymer inside that absorbs repeated contact not from helmet-to-helmet contact as found in gridiron football, but from high sticks or stray pucks.

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yes any helmet would do if its certified by the C.I.A

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NO hockey helmets are much better. Ski helmets are not that good but do the job. Hockey helmet will protect you much more in short range falls and long range falls the any ski helmet.

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ski helmets have cell phones built in

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No, of course not

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Q: Is there a difference between a bull riding helmet and a hockey helmet?
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