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No. That would be a very expensive award. It would also be the biggest diamond ever discovered, lol.

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Q: Is the you tube diamond play button is made from a real diamond?
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What is the difference between a real diamond and a diamond aura diamond?

a aura diamond is a man made diamond.

Is there a sword made of real diamond?


What is a diamonesk diamond?

Diamonesk diamonds are not real diamonds. They are stones that are made to look like real diamonds. They are a brand of diamond ring.

Are CZ real diamonds?

No. Cubic Zirconium is a man-made crystal resembling a diamond. Some brand names are very close to the properties of a real diamond and some are not.

How do you detect the original diamond?

Original is not a term normally used in a context with diamonds.If you mean real or natural, then take your diamond to a jeweler who can use a probe to determine if the diamond is a real diamond. The jeweler may not be able to tell whether the diamond is a natural diamond or a man-made diamond: for that determination, please take your diamond to a certified gemologist.

Is a half carat diamond still a real diamond?

Half carat is the term used to measure the weight of the real diamond. A diamond's weight does not define or detract from the fact that the diamond is or is not a real diamond.

How do you put cheats in on Cars Race-O-Rama for DSi?

select, b button, hold x button, press the play a real game button then enter your cheats

Is there a difference between a diamond and cubiczirconia?

a diamond is nature made from immense pressure over a very long time. A cubic zirconia is man made of a white crystalline substance to look like a diamond. A real diamond will cut glass. The latter will not.

difference between man made diamonds and real diamonds?

lab rings diamond

How do you figure out if a diamond is real?

You can take your diamond to a local jeweler who can use a probe to help you figure out if the diamond is a real diamond.

A geologist would consider a manufactured diamond to be a real diamond?

A geologist would differentiate between a natural diamond -- formed by a geological process, and a synthetic diamond -- formed by a man-made process. Both diamonds are 'real diamonds'. Read more about synthetic diamonds, below.

Is a simulant diamond a real diamond?

No, a simulant diamond is a fake diamond.