Is the rws 225 a real gun?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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a rws model c-225 is is action shooting air pistol that came in 4 and 6 inch barrels blue and nickel finish retailed for between 210.00 to 245.00 in the 1990's is it a real gun not centerfire but a pellet gun

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Q: Is the rws 225 a real gun?
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How do you strip an rws lr25 air gun?

RWS is currently distributed by UMAREX Co. I would contact them at the link below and ask for assistance.

Who makes RWS gun scopes?

Either South Korea or Japan

What kind of oil for daisy BB gun model 99?

I suggest Crosman Pellgun oil or RWS pellet gun oil.

How much is a 1980 rws pellet gun worth?

RWS has been making various models for a long time. Which model are you asking about and what condition is it in? You will have to give more information about the condition in order to get an estimate of value.

What the most powerful RWS air rifle?

RWS has been made by several other air gun manufactures. Diana has made several for them over the years. Right now I think it's the Diana RWS 350 Feuerkraft that is rated at 1250 FPS. But if you are looking at power not speed, then the RWS CA-715 fired a .22 cal at 1200 FPS. It look just like a ShinSung Career 707 made in Korea. RWS also had a CA-707 that fired a 9MM pellet.

What is RWS Group's population?

RWS Group's population is 400.

When was RWS Group created?

RWS Group was created in 1961.

What are CD-RWs?

CD-RWs are rewrite-able compact discs.

What is the value of a bsf air gun model s20 you also have a RWS LP 8 what is value both in great condition Where can you sell on web?

These prices are for pistols in EXCELLENT Condition (Like New) no scratches or dings, rust or any damage. BSF S20 $105 RWS LP8 $205 I suggest Gun Brokers on the web

What to lubricate plunger barrel with on a Benjamin Franklin 342 air rifle?

I would use Crosman Pellgun oil. Or RWS air gun oil.

Value Beretta model 21a gun?

About $225 used.

Is vash stampede gun real?

Not a real gun, but, it is a real product.