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The rainbow flag was first displayed in San Fransisco's Gay Pride Parade in 1978

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Yes, the rainbow is one of the symbols that represents homosexuality. This symbol was used to represent the many different races and ethnicities of homosexuality.

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Q: Is the rainbow a symbol of gay?
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What do rainbow's symbol stand for?

It is the gay pride symbol

Is the gay symbol really yellowredand green?

No. Typical gay symbols are the rainbow and pink triangles.

Is the octopus a symbol of homosexuality?

No. Typical gay symbols include the rainbow and the pink triangle.No. Typical gay symbols include the rainbow and the pink triangle.

What is the national colour of homosexuality?

Homosexuality is not a nation. Therefore, it has no national anything. But the common symbol of gay culture is the rainbow.Homosexuality is not a nation. Therefore, it has no national anything. But the common symbol of gay culture is the rainbow.

Which direction do you wear the gay pride rainbow to signify that you're gay?

There is no particular way to wear the pride rainbow. But note, the pride rainbow is used in other contexts (such as a general 'peace' symbol) and does necessary mean the wearer is gay.

What is the symbol for gay people?

The following symbols are commonly used by the LGBT community:The rainbow flag (or rainbows in general)The pink triangledouble male signs ♂♂ or double female signs ♀♀various othersThe seahorse is a symbol for gay fathers, but this is a newer symbol and isn't widespread yet.

If someone wears a lot of rainbow stuff does this mean that he or she is gay?

Look, i wear the Rainbow all the time, what do you have against that?? I am not gay..AnswerIt's not the most reliable indicator in the world. The rainbow is sometimes used as a gay symbol, but not all rainbows or multi-coloured garments are deliberately intended to be a symbol of the wearer's sexuality.If you do a Google Image Search for "Rainbow Flag" (with or without quotation marks), you'll see the kind of rainbow that is generally used as a gay symbol. If the wearer is wearing arc rainbows with little fluffy clouds, or randomly multi-coloured clothing, it is probably not intended as commentary on their sexuality.Of course, the rainbow flag looks very much like a standard representation of the spectrum, so it is possible that it does not represent the wearer's sexuality. It could be that the wearer simply likes the aesthetics of the colour progression, or is a Pink Floyd fan, or is unaware that a rainbow may be interepreted as a gay symbol.

What is iris' symbol?

Iris's symbol would be the Rainbow.

Are dolphins a gay symbol?

LOLyes I'm sure there are some gay dolphins that exist just as straight ones.Not all are gay...also, they are very smart ^_^

How does the dolphin symbolize gay people?

GLBT groups in the United States do not use a dolphin as a gay symbol like they do the rainbow or a purple rhino. This may be used colloquially (within your area), but it does not have near the recognition of these other symbols. However, as dolphins are almost all bisexual, it would be an excellent symbol for bisexual to use.

What is the national gay colors?

The national gay color is actually a combination of two colors: Blue and Orange It is said that the ancient Mayans predicted who would be the most gay in the 21st Century. Followers of the combination "Orange and Blue" are considered to be the homosexuals of our time.

What are the symbolic colors for LGBT people?

The typical symbols of gay people are:The rainbowThe pink triangleThe HRC equal signThe seahorse (a symbol of gay dads)The bear footprint (a symbol of the bear subculture)The double male symbol (♂♂)The double female symbol (♀♀)and othersThe typical colors are:The rainbowPink