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The patella or kneecap is a thick, triangular bone which articulates with the femur and covers and protects the knee joint.

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Q: Is the patella part of the ankle joint?
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Describe in directional terms the relationship between the patella and the ankle?

The patella is located proximal to the ankle joint. It is situated in the anterior part of the knee, serving as a protective cover for the knee joint, while the ankle joint is distal to the patella, located in the lower leg connecting the shinbone to the foot.

What part of the body is the ankle?

The ankle is the joint between the foot and the lower leg.

What part of the body is the ankle in?

The ankle is the joint formed by the articulation of the lower leg bones with the talus. The ankle connects the foot with the leg.

Joint between talus and tibia?

Central part of the ankle joint, a hinge

Which tarsal forms the part of the ankle joint?


What is the medical term meaning joint where the patella glides on the femur?

The patellofemral joint is where the patella glides on the femur.

Why is the patella poorly protected?

The patella protects the knee joint from damage.

What is the function of the horses patella?

The patella, or kneecap, is very important to a horse. While in motion, the patella helps maintain proper joint movement in the stifle. While standing, the patella is part of the locking mechanism that allows a horse to sleep while standing up.

What part of the pig does ham hock come from?

ankle joint x

What bone is distal to the femur?

Yes, the patella is distal to the femur. This is because the patella is more distant than the femur to the attachment point to the trunk of the body. You can also say the femur is proximal to the patella.

Is the ankle joint normally a stable joint?

yes the ankle is a stable joint.

What is the joint above and below the knee?

It is not a separate joint it is your hip joint, the hip joint is a ball & socket joint!!!