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If you are spotting through the month, then your pills are too weak.

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Q: Is the mini pill still effective if you are spotting throughout the month?
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Can you be one month pregnant and still have menstrual spotting?

if spotting can you still be pregnant?

Is it normal to still be spotting at 14 weeks?

Yes, it is possible. However if the spotting gets heavy and/or brighter and/or is painful, go to the hospital to get seen by your doctor/midwife/obstetrician. Many women experience spotting throughout pregnancy.

What could a brown discharge be if you are on the Depo-Povera shot?

It just means your spotting. It's still your period. Your doctor should tell you that you may have spotting for up to a month.

Can you still get your period throughout your pregnancy?

no, but what you may get is called spotting. This is usually less blood than a period and is very common.

You have been taking birth control for a month and two weeks yet you still have spotting is this normal?

take a chill pill. :-)

Can you get your period while you're still wearing the NuvaRing?

yes, you may have some spotting on nuvaring but you shouldn't have it after the first month.

You have the implanon birth control which 99 effective but your period is 2 weeks late and ive been having some brownish red spotting on and off could you still be pregnant I've had spotting before wh?

Spotting and irregular periods are side effects of the implant. If you still think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

You have been using the extended NuvaRing skip-period-regimen for almost 9 weeks now but you have started bleeding a bit just wondering if the birth control is still as effective if you are spotting?

Spotting while skipping periods with birth control is a common complaint. It is not a sign that the method is less effective.

What happends if you came on last month and throughout this month and you dont come on this month?

Nothing happens it must mean that you missed it but you may still need to see a GP.

Can a pregnancy test still be positive if your are still have brown spotting?

Yes. Your hormones fluctuate quite a bit during and after a miscarriage. It can sometimes take up to a month before your levels go back to normal, so it is possible to have a positive result on a pregnancy test whether there is spotting or not.

If you are spotting can you still get a positive pregnancy result?

If you are just spotting and not having your full period then yes you can still get a positive result. Spotting could mean the implantation of the egg.

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

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