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Its only good for one drug test if you decide to smoke again you will need another detox I know from experience

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Q: Is the marijuana detox drink only good for one day or does it permanently detox your body?
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Can acupuncture detox your body from marijuana?

no it can not

Can you cleanse your body of marijuana in 1 day?

Drink over a gallon of water,but make sure you don't drown yourself,or what I don't recommend is detox..Good luck

Can blueberry detox your body?

No. They are fantastic for you but the only way to rid your body of THC (marijuana) is to exercise and sweat profusely.

How do detox cleanse drink work?

A detox drink cleanse contains detoxifying properties that can help cleanse your body and improve your overall well being.

I smoked today an I have a job interview Wednesday if I drink a bunch of water how fast would thc be out of my system?

If you smoked today and have a job interview on Wednesday, no amount of water you drink is going to take the THC out of your body. You need 30 days to detox from marijuana.

Does jazz detox drink keep narcotics from showing in urine test?

It works for most people but some people have something in their body that stops from absorbing the crystals in the detox drink.

How can you get weed out of your body quicker?

Drink a LOT of liquids or purchase one of those body detox drinks.

How get the drugs out the body?

depends what drugs, marijuana, drink a lot.

Can you get rid of marijuana from your body?

yea, drink plenty of water.

Is there anything that can detox your body in one day?

There are a variety of things you can do detox or cleanse the body many people will fast for a day or part of the day , drink lots of water , and drink smoothies made with raw fruits and veggies. Consult your health care professional before attempting a detox or diet plan.

Does detox tea get rid of weed?

Detox tea gets rid of toxins in the body, including the possibility of flushing out marijuana. There is no guarantee how quickly this will happen or if you can pass a drug test afterwards.

Can I cleanse my body and unborn from marijuana?

Drink lots and lots of liquids!!!