Is the iPhone fun to have as a phone?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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yes the iPhone is the best and the most fun phone to own because it has a video camera and you can do web cam chats

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Q: Is the iPhone fun to have as a phone?
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Choosing Cool iPhone Accessories?

Adding accessories to an iPhone can be just as fun purchasing the phone. With the vast amount of accessories available, choosing the best accessories for your iPhone comes down to your personal budget and desires. Some cool iPhone accessories include the iPhone speaker dock, SOL Republic Track Headphones, travel battery chargers and the iPhone SLR mount. You can also jazz up the outside of your phone by with some pretty extravagant phone cases, which not only look good but also protect your phone.

Is the iPhone a phone and a iPod?

The iPhone is a phone and an iPod Touch

Is an iPhone a cell phone?

YES! Hence the "Phone" part of iPhone...

Does the itouch have a cell phone in it?

No, that would defeat the purpose of the "iPhone" which is the iTouch with the cell phone. The iTouch is the iPhone without the phone. If you want an itouch with a cell phone, get an iPhone.

What phone does Jojo have?

Jojo has a black berry.

What cell phone does Miranda Cosgrove have?

According to research MIRANDA has a IPHONE She has an iPhone She Has An iPhone 4G Smart phone

Which phone is better and iPhone or an Evo?


Play It Safe With iPhone Cases?

You have a lot invested in your phone, so you should care for it. After all, you want it to last two years. You've also heard the horror stories about what happens when people drop their iPhone. It's not pretty. Save yourself a lot of trouble by choosing one of the many i Phone cases. This will keep your phone safe in case you drop it. Many cool i phone cases are for sale, so choose one that expresses your personality. Owning an iPhone should be fun, so keep the fun alive by keeping it in a case whenever possible.

Does apples iPhone need to have a phone network in order to call and text?

Yes, the iPhone is indeed a phone and as with any other cell phone it needs a network to call and text. The iPhone is on AT&T, the phone network that works with the iPhone. The iPhone currently does not have any other network/cell provider.

Is an iPhone like a phone?

an iphone is a cell phone. this particular cell phone also is known for its internet, ipod, applications and such.

From which shop do you get iPhone?

You can get the iPhone at O2 the phone shop.

Is a iPhone a cell phone?

Yes, the iPhone is a cell phone provided by AT&T and Verizon Wireless.