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The Blackberry Nextel and the Blackberry Curve are quite similar. It is very hard to say whether one is better than the other; it should be left to personal preference and need.

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โˆ™ 2011-10-12 14:55:03
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Q: Is the blackberry nextel better than the blackberry curve in any way?
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Which Nextel Blackberry models have the best user reviews?

The Nextel Blackberry model that has the best user reviews is the BlackBerry Curve 8350i. It has a lot of of positive reviews, more than any others by far.

Is a blackberry curve better than a blackberry purl?

this depends if you buy a blackberry curve 3g then yes it is better but if you buy the normal blackberry curve then blackberry pearl is better because it has 3g

Is a blackberry curve better than a blackberry bold?

blackberry curve's are better as they have the latest apps on them and they look alot nicer.

What is better a blackberry curve 8520 or a blackberry bold 9790?

Blackberry bold 9790 is way better than Blackberry curve 8520

Is the blackberry curve better than the blackberry tour?

Well Blackberry curve is nice even Blackberry tour.1:Blacberry tour is better than curve.My opinion is Blackberry tour is touch while Blackberry curve is not.

Which is better blackberry bold or blackberry curve?

Blackberry bold is better for work but if you just want for a normal phne i would choose the curve

Is a 8520 blackberry curve better than a 9300 blackberry curve and why?

No, because it freezes a lot and it lags, blackberry curve 9300 is a much better phone as it doesn't do this a lot. -BlackBerry Curve 9300, is basically an upgrade of it. : )

Is the blackberry bold better than the curve?


What is better a HTC or a blackberry curve 8520?

An HTC phone is better than a Blackberry Curve 8520 because it works with the Android platform.

Is a Blackberry Bold stronger than a Blackberry Curve?

a blackberry bold is stronger than curve

What phone is better blackberry torch or blackberry bold?

well the bold and the curve r pretty much the same but the torch is better than both than them and the blackberry pearl is not better than any of them but it still has internet

Is the blackberry curve 8320 better than the blackberry 8310?

the only difference is the 2MP camera in the 8320, below is the full compare

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