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Definitely not


Caifornia outlawed private ownership of the .50 BMG rifle. The Barret company has notified California Law Enforcement Agencies that they will not longer be able to purchase Barret 50s, nor have repairs made to the ones they own.

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Q: Is the barret 50 cal legal in California?
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What does barret 50 cal stand for?

Barret stands for the company that makes the firearm. 50 cal stands for the caliber(or size) of the bullet. The diameter of the bullet is .50 inches or half an inch across.

Who invented the barret?

the barret .50 cal was invented by Ronnie Barret in the 90's. it fires the anti material .50 Bmg with a delayed recoil gas bolt.

Can a barret 50 cal bullet go when fired?


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No Some are. Which model Barret?

What is the distance of a barret 50 cal?

5,906 ft or 1,800 meters

Can a barrit 50 cal go through riot shield?

yes it can cause a barret can get over 2 inches of steel

What is the best codmw2 gun?

Possibly the TAR-21 or the Barret 50 cal

How much does a 50 Cal Barret Bullet cost?

From 2 to 4 dollars

How much does a barret 50 cal weigh?

14 Kg give or take

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