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no it is NT

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Q: Is swollen glands a sign of pregnancy?
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Are swollen toes and fingers a sign of pregnancy?

Swollen toes and fingers is not a definitive symptom of pregnancy, especially early pregnancy! It is far more likely that it is a pre-menstrual sign-- that you are close to having a period.

Breast swollen is a sign of pregnancy?

Can be. Can also be a sign of ovulation and that you are pre-menstrual.

Dog Swollen up glands at the throat - sign for a cold?

Call the vet.

How does one prevent swollen glands?

It is not really possible to prevent swollen glands unless one maintains a good diet and exercise and remains healthy. Swollen glands are a a sign that one's body is fighting an infection of some sort and therefore will often occur if an infection exists.

The glands on both sides of my neck are swollen and it makes it really hard to swallow.What could this be a sign of?

It may be the sign of Thyroid.

Can pregnancy give you a lump in your breast?

they are milk producing glands become swollen, your breasts are getting ready for lactation.

Are sore and swollen nipples just a sign of PMS?

That can be sign of pregnancy or PMS. All women are different.

Are the Montgomery glands a confirm sign of pregnancy?

Not exactly. They are a good sign while accompanied by others. But there are hormonal issues that also stimulate the m glands.

Is the phrase swollen glands refers to swelling of the sweat glands?

No, the phrase "swollen glands" does not refer to the swelling of the sweat glands. Swollen glands are the enlargement of the lymph nodes while the sweat glands are a part of the endocrine system.

What might it mean if you have swollen glands?

If the swollen glands can cause in the neck disease.

Could chlamydia cause swollen glands if left untreated for years?

Chlamydia does not cause swollen glands.

Can swollen glands give you a tumor?

Swollen glands can be a sign of inflammation or infection, but they do not directly cause tumors. However, persistent swelling of glands should be evaluated by a healthcare professional to rule out any underlying health issues, including the possibility of a tumor.