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Nope, but from my experience the police enforcement are extremely tolerant.

It is still very illegal without a medical marijuana card, though.

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Q: Is smoking marijuana in public legal in California?
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States where marijuana is fully legal?

Recreationally smoking? Washington and Colorado, but not in public or while driving.

Is marajuana legal in California?

It is legal for medicinal use only. So a prescription would be required to purchase marijuana legally. Recreational smoking of marijuana is illegal but very common

What is Miley Cyrus smoking?

i think its called silvia, something like that, but its like legal marijuana in California

Is smoking marijuana legal in the United States?


Is marijuana legal in Iowa?

Marijuana is not legal in any state but California so far.

What is smoking serenity?

It's like a legal marijuana herb.

Is marijuana legal in California without a card?

No you need a card in order to purchase marijuana legally in California.

What states medical marijuana is legal?


Is legal medical marijuana passed in California?

Marijuana is not legal in any state, however California has decriminalized it and it is only suppose to be used for medicinal purposes.

What is the legal age for smoking cigaretts in California?

18 is the legal age to smoke cigarettes. However if you do it in a private place the law cannot do anything as you are not in public

What are some attractions in California?

Medical marijuana is legal.

When was marijuana legalized in the Netherlands?

Marijuana is not legal in The Netherlands, but the police won't arrest you if you possess 5 grams of marijuana or 5 cannabis plants.Marijuana can be bought in coffee shops.This policy, gedoogbeleid or toleration policy,was established in the 1970s.