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Yes. Smoking is indeed sin. So is eating too much, for that reason. Any thing that negatively affects the body or our temple is sin.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-03 23:29:54
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Q: Is smoking cigarettes a sin for Christian?
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What is a selective sales tax?

This is a sales tax on specific items, such as cigarettes or alcoholic beverages. These may also be referred to as "sin taxes", under the conservative Christian belief that smoking and drinking are improper vices.

What is prohibited in The White House?

smoking cigarettes. smoking cigarettes

Is electric cigarettes it the future of smoking?

No.Electric cigarettes are vaperizing,not smoking.

Will hookah smoking replace regular cigarettes?

Most of people suppose that hookah smoking is not as bad as smoking regular cigarettes. Will hookah smoking replace regular cigarettes soon?

Marijuana blunts vs cigarettes?

I have heard that smoking a blunt is the equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes

Is smoking cigarettes illegal at age 16?

Yes, the legal age of smoking cigarettes is 18.

How can we prevent from smoking cigarettes?

we can prevent smoking cigarettes by banning them from persons who owns a shop and sells them

If you are interested in smoking cigarettes but you do not want to actually smoke one would smoking electronic cigarettes be better?

Smoking electronic cigarettes would probably be better, but it might lead to smoking cigarettes one day. It's best not to smoke either.

Is smoking hookah worst than smoking cigarettes?

Yes. Smoking 1 head(bowl that is at the top of the hookah) is like smoking 20 cigarettes.

Are electronic cigarettes a good alternative to smoking tobacco?

Studies have shown that e-cigarettes and vapor pens are safer than tobacco cigarettes, and many people have stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes using them. However, if you are not smoking e-cigarettes, vapors, or tobacco cigarettes now, the best choice is not to start smoking at all.

Smoking marijuana can be as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes and?

Can cause caner

Can Smoking Marijuana Be Unhealthy As Smoking Cigarettes And?

Can cause caner

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