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Generally speaking no, but there are many conflicting studies on the subject. Some say that there are no negative long term effects and others say there are numerous. The consensus at this point seems to have become more in favor of marijuana than anything. Most studies do show the drug in a positive light. There is even some evidence that marijuana has some amazing medicinal purposes, such as killing brain cancer cells, which are being investigated. The plant has also been used quite successfully in treating pain and nausea for various patients, namely chemotherapy patients. Furthermore, it is used in treating glaucoma patients because it reduces pressure in the eyes and aids in the healing process.

It is also impossible to overdose on marijuana and there has never been a single death directly related to the consumption or inhalation of the drug.

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Yes, smoking marijuana is extremely bad for you. If you smoke pot, you are at risk for getting bronchitis, emphysema, and bronchial Asthma. You will also have decreased coordination, and will have a hard time remembering and maintaining information given to you, and may have trouble with verbal skills (such as pronouncing certain words).

Many people say it is good for you, but the truth is, smoking marijuana is extremely bad for you.

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Yes, is the answer to this question. A lot of people say that you cannot become addicted to cannabis but I have known many people who have been affected hugely by smoking this drug. Cannabis severely affects your reaction times which could potentially lead to fatal circumstances. For example if you are driving whilst "high" you are not only putting yourself at risk, but also the people on the roads. Say a young child walks in the road, it is possible that if you are "high" you may not react fast enough to stop, therefore putting the child and yourself in danger.
For many people cannabis is the starting point for severe drug addictions, once people have experienced the high feeling of cannabis they want to lead on to heavier drugs such as cocaine or heroin. People smoke weed to get away from their problems but it can cause other problems to arise, not only physically but financially as well. It is scientifically proven that people who smoke weed are 5% more likely to develop lung cancer in their lifetime. Also they begin to experience paranoia and become hungry all of the time and you will inevitably develop the dreaded "smokers cough" along with reduced sperm count, yellowing of the teeth and bad breath
The smoking of cannabis can also lead to severe nausia and a numbing feeling of the whole body. Your mind will wander and you will become out of control of your own body. You will feel panic and also strangely distant, which can lead to short term memory loss

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Q: Is smoking canabis bad for you?
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