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Shanaynay is played by Shane Dawson:-)

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Q: Is shanaynay played by Shane dawson?
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Is shanaynay a girl or boy?

In Shane Dawson's videos, Shanaynay is a girl played by a boy!

What is the definition of shanaynay?

Weelll! Shanaynay is a shane dawson character! She's ma homegirl peace out

Who is shanaynay?

Well Shane Dawson (shanedawsontv and shanedawsontv2 on YouYube) plays a character called Shanaynay

How do you find shannana on youtube a guy that actes like a girl and wears lip stick and stuff like that?

Shanaynay, search up Shane Dawson. Go to his channel. "Shanaynay" is one of his characters.

How old is shanaynay?

I have no idea because Shane has never told us but Shane is 22 so im guessing shanaynay is 22 as well????

What does shanaynay mean?

"Shanaynay" is a fictional character created by comedian Martin Lawrence for his TV show "Martin." She is portrayed as a sassy and loud-mouthed woman who is known for her distinctive way of speaking and humorous personality.

What movie and television projects has Piper Reese been in?

Piper Reese has: Played Little Shanaynay in "Shane Dawson TV" in 2008. Played Preppie Girl Trick or Treater in "Modern Family" in 2009. Played Zombie in "The Neighbors" in 2012. Played Nancy Patanski in "Deadtime Stories" in 2013. Played Nancy Patanaski in "Deadtime Stories" in 2013.

Is Shane dawson a Mexican?

No, Shane Dawson isn't mexican.

Is Shane dawson a American?

Yes, Shane Dawson is an American.

When was Shane Dawson born?

Shane Dawson was born on July 19, 1988.

Shane Dawson real name?

Shane Dawson's name is Shane Yaw. He uses the name Dawson so people don't think he is Asian.

Was Shane dawson abused as a child?

I think Shane Dawson was physically abused as a child.