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Yes .Our body's are more venerable to getting ST D's (Sexually Transmitted Disease's)

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Q: Is sex at a young age bad?
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Is sex good for the ages 11-12?

No, if that is your age, you are way too young to have sex.

How is sex healthy?

I don't think it is healthy or unhealthy.. It's just sex. At a young age, Sex is unhealthy.

What age young men starts thinking about sex?

usually, puberty. unless he's exposed at a young age, it may start younger.

Is it bad to flirt with a 18 year old if your 14?

Its never bad to flirt but if you guys were to have then it'll be a legal issue. Dont have sex at such a young age you'll regret it. Wise words from Crazy Locster (

Is sex an important thing?

Yes, it actually is in a way but not at a really young age.

Is there a law against sex segregated school sports teams in Arkansas?

There has never been a law about that because the government does not care about kids who have sex at a young age all they care about is trying to prevent pregnancies at a young age.

Is it bad when in have a crush at age 11?

no everyone has crushes when there young

Is it bad if you skip your period at age 15?

No it is Normal at such a young age some people miss 3-6 months, it's nothing to worry about unless you are sexually active and have had sex without using protection in the past 28 days

Does sex at a young age affect you mentally a few years down the road?

Yes it does.

Why is sex unhealthy at a young age?

it is not unhealthy, that is what adult say just so that girls won't get pregnant and so that boys won't make kids at a young age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can i sex at a young age?

No, it is against the law and any person who has sex with you who is 18 or over is committing sexual abuse and can go to prison.

Is it bad to crack your knuckle at a young age?

Yes, It's bad to crack your fingers at a young age because it can cause arthiritis, a very painful medical condition which can only be treated by doctors' prescription.