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With warm water, yeah.

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Q: Is sea salt good for healing ear piercings?
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What do I do if you run out of After Care Lotion for ear piercings?

You dont need any after care lotion for ear piercings. Natural sea salt and water is fine.

Is sea salt soaks fastest way of healing normal ear lobe piercings?

Change the jewellery to captive bead rings and then wash them once a day with antibacterial liquid soap diluted with water in the shower. The rings will allow the piercings to breath and allow for proper rinsing and cleaning thus speeding the healing time. Your piercings are not pickles nor are they french fries, you're not trying to preserve them nor are you seasoning them, leave the salt in the cupboard and just wash them and rinse them and let them heal.

How many piercings does Britney Spears have and where?

Britney Spears has three ear piercings on her right ear, 1-2 ear piercings on her left ear, and one navel piercing.

Did Whitney Houston have piercings?

Ear Piercings.

Does chatters do good ear piercings?

When I got my done , They didn't even get them straight .

How many piercings does kylie Jenner have?

Yes, she has 12 piercings in total. 4 on her right ear and 8 on her left ear.

What does a doublr ear piercing mean?

Just means that you have two ear piercings in the same area. It usually means either two ear lobe piercings or two cartilage piercings.

How do you heal an ear piercing?

Most ear piercings take 4 - 6 weeks to heal enough to change jewelry. I advise against changing it before then. During the healing period use triple antibiotic ointment twice a day to keep away infection, cleaning away any "crusties" when they form. If infection does occur use a salt solution (H2Ocean is really good) to fight infection. Never use alcohol or peroxide, both can hamper healing process or cause the piercing to reject or become infected.

Does Mandy van duyne have any piercings?

Yup =] Ear piercings.

Does an ear piercing heal faster than a nose piercing?

Yes, Ears are the fastest healing piercings. The lobe, Will heal fastest. The cartilage will take about a week or two longer.

What is the percentage of side effects for a cartilage piercing?

90% of professionally pierced ear cartilage piercings work out without any issues, these are piercings done by a professional body piercer using aseptic techniques. 70% of ear cartilage piercings done with a piercing gun in a mall or hair salon result in bumps, lumps and healing issues, these are piercings performed by untrained and unlicensed individuals using piercing guns on areas they are not permitted to pierce but they do it any way.

Did vikings have ear piercings?

hell no