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No...I don't ever recall it being bad. Thanks for asking!

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Q: Is saying ticked off a bad word for a 10 yr old?
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Is ticked a bad word?

No. To be ticked off is to be given out to.

What is another word for ticked off?

Angry is another word for ticked off.

Will mason bees sting?

not unless ticked off very bad

Is ticked off is a cuse word?

It is a mild slang word, mainly British meaning to scold, to reprimand or to 'tell off'

What is the duration of Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives?

The duration of Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives is 1.58 hours.

Is there a word 'tissed'?

No, "tissed" is not a standard word in the English language. It does not appear in most dictionaries.

What do vampires do when they get ticked off?

They do get ticked off pretty easy, but they are pretty calm. When they get ticked off they don't try to kill you or anything they just walk off, they also wear an pendent that helps them stay calm and as long as they wear it they can go into the sun, and keep their temper under control.

Why is everyone mean to you?

Chances are, you have ticked someone off.

How do you get kicked off the server forever on binweevils?

You can try saying bad, bad words.

If a horses ears are slanted backwords it indicates that?

it is angry or ticked off.

Is Kyle Petty still ticked off at his daddy Richard?


Emotions that begin with the letter T?

-tired-ticked off-thirsty(??)