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Sometimes it depends on whether you are a male or female, boy or girl, man or woman, child or an elderly person and where you happen to be at that moment.

If you are a pretty girl maybe he wants something more intimate with you.

If you are an elderly person or the only other person present maybe he wants to be polite.

He may be a nice, friendly guy and you shouldn't look for any other hidden meaning. Drama isn't always present. Sometimes hi just means means hello.

These signals of human relationships vary widely.

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Saying "hi" is a common greeting used for initiating a conversation or acknowledging someone's presence in a friendly manner. It is a simple and polite way to greet someone.

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it means hello

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Q: Is saying hi mean
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Hi in Spanish?

hi in spanish is hola

What does Hi really mean?

It means saying hello but in a shorter version.

What does ohaider mean?

It's a cute way of saying, "Oh, hi there,"

What does it mean when this girl is always saying hi to you?

it means that she likes you and want to be friends with you

What does hi mean in dutch?

Hi is a way of saying Hello. It's not a actual word in Dutch, but is taken from the English lagunage.

What does that mean if a guy keeps saying hi to you?

he either likes you or just whats to be your friend

What does the saying 'you old dog' mean?

The saying 'you old dog' just means someone that you have not seen for a long time. It is just a way of saying hi to someone you have not seen in a while.

What does it mean when a 1 month old bearded dragon waves its arm?

it means it's saying hi to you.

Why is she saying hi?

Well did you want her to say 'bye'? She's saying 'hi' because she like likes you.

What does hi all What is up mean?

"hi all what's up" means is just like saying, "yo what up dog" i other words it's a greeting.

What does it mean when a girl blushes with only you while saying bonjour and hi to you at once?

Its a good sign she likes you :) GO FOR IT!

What does it mean when a college girl stares at you and then blushes smiles and giggles while looking away from you and saying hi to you?

She likes you