Is saying hey you flirty

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Not in the least unless there is more to support like body language etc

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Q: Is saying hey you flirty
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Is saying hi babe friendly or flirty?

well maybe start of with hi babe but if you start dating call say hi babes.

What type of clothes does china anne mcclain wears?

hey guy's its china, I Like to wear like flirty and punk rock outfits; i love Docmartens & Comfty flirty shoes im a size 8 in women.

How you get your guinea pig to notice you?

with food and wave at it saying "HEY GURL HEY!"

What is the saying for marry in September?

Marry in SeptemberEat lots of pepperMarry in MayHey hey hey!

What happens when a grown man calls a grown woman baby girl?

The man is just trying to be sexy and flirty. Like when he says, "Hey baby girl" or somethin' like that then he just trying to be sexy or flirty like what I said before

Is hey hey hey a question?

Not usually but It depends on the where and when it is being said. For example if you walk to someone and they say hey hey hey usually they're saying it in the sense that they are saying hello. Another example would be in a song by drake. In the song it doesn't mean anything really it is just to go with the song. Hopefully this helped.

What is an you-dog?

You-dog is a saying people say. Like whats up brother or Hey hey hey. it has nothing to do with a real dog.

What is the dumbest saying ever?

Hey ya'll watch this!

Does saying hey mean that your a lesbian?

Nope. Not at all.

What does hey with 2 e's mean?

Nothing it's just a cute-sy way of saying Hey for them..

How do you say gorgeous in danish?

depends on context...the root word is "smuk" if you are saying "you are gorgeous" it would be "du er smuk" if you are saying "hey gorgeous" it would be "hey smukke"

How do you ask someone to meet you without sounding creepy?

As a friend? Be like, hey we should hang out! Wanna go to blah blah blah? As more than a friend? Hey do you wanna meet up at blah blah blah? But be flirty! ;)