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(excuse my "text talk") it depends. if ur doctr recomded it, then take it (if u trst ur doctr). but if its 2 b healthy or whatevr, i dnt thnk its a good idea. (i'm 11 so id appreciate it if you trust my opinions--dont worry, i have a 4.2 GPA and an IQ of 130 --im not lying)

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Q: Is protein powder bad for the heart?
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Can protein powder cause any harm to your heart?

People say it can't but actually it can because there are artificial chemicals in protein powder that clog sections of your heart. It can get so bad that blood will not pump from the clog and you could pass out or die. Protein power is only good if it is mix with alcohale because it burns away the clog.

Does protein spoil or go bad over time?

Yes, protein as nutrient is a natural compound and unless modified is vulnerable to bacteria.

Is it bad to take protein powder without doctor permission?

No. But, it can have negative effects on your body. You are much better off to get your protein from a healthy balanced diet.

What are the disadvantages of ensure the protein powder?

Some advantages of protein powder are muscle building and weight loss. Disadvantages of protein powder usage are kidney stones, gout, and weight gain.

What protein powder has the highest percent of protein?

Of Course, whey protein powder is the best powder and it is 100% pure protein powder as well as i also daily use it. For More Information about this product visit below ulr:

Where can someone purchase Isopure protein powder?

There are several places where someone can purchase Isopure protein powder. Websites such as, vitaminshoppe, zero-isopure, and supplementwarehouse, all sell Isopure protein powder.

What are some recipes for protein shakes without protein powder?

Protein shakes without protein powder comprise protein rich foods. To know best of the protein shake recipes check out bodyandstregnth

Does protein shake have pig in it?

yes, yes it does my dear... protein powder is just blended pig, which is dried, then crushed into a powder.

Is it okay for a teenage girl to use whey protein powder?

It is definitely alright to use whey protein powder. Just make sure not to overdose on protein because it can be harsh on the kidneys. Also, if you're trying to lose weight/gain muscle, make sure to check out the sugar content of the protein powder. It's best to get the whey protein isolate since that is pure protein powder.

What are quality brands of protein powder?

EAS is a good protein powder and so is Muscle Milk but it all comes down to taste and if you want a full whey protein or a complex powder that has whey and soy. EAS is my favorite.

Does the heart contain protein?

yes the heart contains protein because muscle is made of protein and the heart is a huge muscle.

Who invented protein powder?