Is plutonium in nuclear bombs

Updated: 9/28/2023
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yes it is.... it is the main part of a nuclear weapon.

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Q: Is plutonium in nuclear bombs
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What are nuclear bombs made out of?

plutonium and neutrons

What are nuclear bombs made from?

Uranium, plutonium or hydrogen.

What things have plutonium?

That may be a difficult question if you are referring to what contains plutonium then nuclear bombs and missiles contain plutonium

Does nuclear bombs have plutonium?

Some do. Others use Uranium.

What element is used to make electricity and nuclear bombs?


What kind of elements are in nuclear bombs?

In World War 2 the Nuclear bombs were Uranium and Plutonium. Nowadays they use Hydrogen.

How many nuclear bombs?

there were two types of nuclear bombs. A "gun type" bomb and an implosion type one with a plutonium core

How do you make bombs in Doodle God?

nuclear bomb = plutonium + weapon

Is plutonium used in bombs?

Plutonium was used in the second nuclear bomb dropped on Japan in World War 2.

What is the main element used to make nuclear bombs?

It depends which type it is. It can be Uranium or Plutonium

What metal isotopes are generally used in atom bombs and nuclear reactors?

plutonium and uranium

Are atomic bombs different from nuclear bombs?

Both basically are the same, they can be fission or fusion bombs like Uranium,Plutonium and Hydrogen bombs. A general description would be that atomic bombs are fission bombs. Nuclear bombs are fusion bombs. Fusion bombs are more powerful weight for weight