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lol why not?

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Q: Is okay for a fourteen year old to be on the phone after midnight?
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Can a fourteen year old get a blackberry if all of her friends have them?

If it was okay with her parents and if she wanted to get one that would be fine.

Is ok for a fourteen year old to date a 17 year old?

It is not illegal to do so. But in the opinion of most people it would not be okay.

Is it okay for a 17 year old boy to want to see a fourteen year old girl?

i think it is okay but im not everybody!!!!!!! i was 14 and my boy friend was 17. And no one had a problem with it. im 21 now

Is an 11 year old boy old enough to get a cell phone?

If your eleven year old is responsible with his other items, then he will likely be okay with a cell phone. If he has an item like a GameBoy that he takes good care of, he should be okay with a simple cell phone.

Does anyone have any ideas for a fourteen year old girls Christmas list. I have a camera and a phone and ipod and i cant think of what to ask for.?

A flamethrower.

What year were you born if you are age fourteen?

If you are just fourteen, you were born in 1995, but if you are fourteen already and have been since the end of last year, you were born in 1994

Can a fourteen year old be a godparent?


How do you spell 2014?

The number is "two thousand fourteen."The year may be expressed as "twenty fourteen."

How do you write 1471 in words?

The most correct way is: One thousand four hundred and seventy-one.You can also say: fourteen hundred and seventy-one.(the year 1471 is "fourteen seventy-one").By digits (as for a phone number): one four seven one.

Is it okay for a fourteen and twelve year old be dating?

Absolutely - of course the drag is being underage you have to deal with your parents but that's actually the age most kids start. 12 year old nookie - that, however, is a can of worms you don't even want to open....

Can a fourteen year old work as a paralegal?


Can a fourteen year old babysit?