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Q: Is nick roux boyfriend with naomi Scott?
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Who plays mo's boyfriend in lemonade mouth?

Mo's (Naomi Scott) boyfriend, in the movie, is Scott Pickett (Nick Roux.)

Is nick roux dating Naomi Scott?

he has not said that he has so maybe he is single !

What is mo's real name in lemonade mouth?

mo's real name is naomi Scott

Who is Scott from lemonade mouth?

Nick Roux

Who plays Scott lemonade mouth?

Nick Roux

What are the names of lemonade mouth?

Bridget Mendler ...Olivia Adam Hicks...Wen Hayley Kiyoko...Stella Naomi Scott...Mo Blake Michael...Charlie Nick Roux...Scott Chris Brochu...Ray

What is the actors name who plays Scott in lemonade mouth?

Nick Roux

Are Noami Scott And Nick Roux Dating?

Yes they are dating! They got caught kissing in California

What is the birth name of Nick Roux?

Nick Roux's birth name is Nicholas Edward Roux.

What are lemonades mouths real names?

Olivia: Bridgit Mendler, Mo: Naomi Scott, Charlie: Blake Michael, Stella: Hayley Kiyoko, Wen: Adam Hicks, Scott: Nick Roux, Ray: Chris Brochu, Principal Brenigan: Christopher McDonald and Ms. Resnick: Tasha Campbell-Martin

Is nick roux related to la roux?

Nope.. La roux is a band.. The singer is elly jackson.. She's not related to nick roux in any way.