Is meez virus

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No meez is not a virus some troll was just trying to get you over! not once out of all the years ive played meez have i got a single virus

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Q: Is meez virus
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Does meez have virus?

yes it does oh it does

Why does meez go slow?

meez is a virus it runs very slowly and only people that says it doesn't are the ones who are obsessed with it and if every one else finds out it causes a virus say bye bye to meez

Does meez have a virus?

I don't think so. I have been playing Meez for almost 2 years. It made my computer run much much slower, but it never gave me a virus. =)Another answer:It simply causes a virus. That's why my dad won't let me play on it anymore, because everytime my computer messes up he says it is from meez. It WILL give you a virus so you may want to tell all your friends to chat with you on facebook instead. @the answer before me: hun, it will cause you a virus, so you might as well STOP playing it and get into life more. When I started playing meez a year ago, I thought about how much attention I'm paying to meez and not my life. So those are two reasons why I gave up on meez. I'm pretty sure you'll have a virus soon, and you'll have to get it fixed and then you'll start thinking about life, and how much attention you've been paying to meez, and the computer, and not what's most important friends and family. Good luck. (:

Does meez give you a virus?

Yes meez does contract viruses. I have been a victim very recently to there acts. Meez caused my computer to automatically SHUTDOWN and REBOOT! i panicked. Meez has alot of things required to play it and if you want to play it i advise you to have an fast running internet system and MANY MANY [ real ] protection programs.

Can meez give your computer a virus?

this is incorrect meez does not give you a virus nor slow down your computer it the only thing that lags is the room your in when people are doing animations using glow effects you can easily stop the room from lagging if you turn the graphic setting low and then you will have no lag

Where is the circus on meez?

In the meez nation. In meez hills.

Can meez give you a virus?

Yes, It can. One year ago, It gave me a virus, thankfully windows defender saved me. And today, I checked on it, and it ALMOST gave me a virus. Thankfully, I closed it before it finished transferring itself. Be careful! Meez is not safe. Meez gave more than 500 virus in my computer in just two minutes. hard ware drive, my document and more!!!! I agree. Meez has given me problems with my computers and hardware by its 3D objects. My hardware and disk messed up and cause my computer to reboot and repair. THANKFULLY i have Firewall and Microsoft Security! [ i recommend ]. I do not have any viruses, but i think if i didnt have a protection program i would have caught one easily. Please be careful with MEEZ. i love to play it but you might want to have more than 2 protections on your computer. Thanks for yoyr time.

Does imvu give viruses?

Old answer: Yes it does.that is why iyou should buy a messy computer on the internet and put your imvu viruses on it! No, it does not. I have been on imvu for years and not a virus yet. If you don't belive me then try to get an avg. It is virus protection. It cost about 40 bucks at Wal-mart. If theres a website that your worried about it should be MEEZ. I went on the link of that site and my comp got 364 viruses on my hard drive and 7 viruses in my files. But good thing I know how to delete them. New answer : IMVU can give you viruses. In the Old answer, Meez doesn't give you a virus. I went on Meez for about 1-2 years now and I've had no problem with Meez

How can you contact meez?

Meez forums

How do you get free vip on meez without downloads or surveys?

can i get a free meez vip on meez

How do you use moves on meez?

You have to buy the animations in Meez Nation. But DO NOTby them in Meez Maker.

Can you have a Meez user name and password?

Yes, in order to have an account on Meez, you have to have an account on Meez!

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