Is mattyBraps dating any one

Updated: 9/28/2023
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He is dating no one

he is so sexy

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Q: Is mattyBraps dating any one
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Well I don't think so cause I've heard he is dating kerry I don't want to say her last name because people might trace her but I don't think he is dating her I'm 10 years old and Mattybraps is 9 I wish I was dating him Mattybraps is H.O.T.

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no their close friends. mattybraps's brother is dating christian beadles's cousin so obviously their not related... just close friends.

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He's already dating a 10 year old

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he has 2 dogs

Does any one know what job mattybraps mum and dad have because there family is rich mattybraps real name is matthew morris?

hay mattyb rap what is your phone number I will give me mine..

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Mattybraps is Jewish

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