Is marijuana considered a narcotic

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No, a narcotic is a hand made drug, marijuana comes from a plant and can also be used for medical reasons but some people still call it a narcotic.

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Q: Is marijuana considered a narcotic
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Related questions

What narcotic class is marijuana part of?

Marijuana is considered a Class I narcotic and its use has been restricted by federal law since 1937.

Is Marijuana a narcotic drug?

yes marijuana is a narcotic. the definition of a narcotic is a substance that is used to change your mood or feeling and marijuana does exactly that.

What drug category is marijuana listed?

Marijuana is considered to be a "downer" considering that it relaxes the user and can make the user drowsy. The drug is a narcotic

What category is marijuana?

Narcotic Drug

Is benzocaine considered a narcotic?

No, benzocaine is not considered a narcotic.

Is it marijuana or heroin or cocaine that is a narcotic?

Heroin is the narcotic. Cocaine is a stimulant. Marijuana fits slightly into most drug categories, and it is often classified as a hallucinogen.

Which drug is often incorrectly classified as a narcotic?


What are the precautions associated with using marijuana?

Not to be used by pregnant women or by those with heart conditions. Smoking marijuana may negatively effect the lungs. Is considered a narcotic and banned by the United States government. And more . . .

Is Latuda a Narcotic?

No, it is an antipsychotic drug, not considered as a narcotic.

Is tramadol a narcotic?

It is not considered a narcotic. It does exhibit many of the characteristics of a narcotic.yes not very strong but it is considered a narcodicyes, it is a narcotic pain killer

What kind of drug is herion?

which of the following is a narcotic marijuana heroin cocaine

How is marijuana controlled by the government?

The federal government has classified that marijuana is a level 1 narcotic with no known medicinal value.

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