Is marijuana considered a narcotic

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, a narcotic is a hand made drug, marijuana comes from a plant and can also be used for medical reasons but some people still call it a narcotic.

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Q: Is marijuana considered a narcotic
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What drug category is marijuana listed?

Marijuana is considered to be a "downer" considering that it relaxes the user and can make the user drowsy. The drug is a narcotic

Which drug is often incorrectly classified as a narcotic?


What are the precautions associated with using marijuana?

Not to be used by pregnant women or by those with heart conditions. Smoking marijuana may negatively effect the lungs. Is considered a narcotic and banned by the United States government. And more . . .

A drug obtained from hemp plant?

cannabis its marijuana

Are antibiotics considered a narcotic?


What is the definition for marijuana?

Marijuana is the dried leaves and female flowers of the hemp plant, (cannabis), that can be used in cigarette form as a narcotic or hallucinogen.

Is adavan considered narcotic?

Lorazepam is a schedule IV narcotic, as described by the US Federal Government. It's possession can be considered a crime.

Is tramadol considered a narcotic and how long can it be detected in a urine test?

Tramadol is non-narcotic.

What is the relation between assassin and narcotic called?

The word 'assassin' comes from the Arabic word 'hashish,' which is what almost everyone outside of the US calls the narcotic, marijuana.

Is marijana a narcotic?

Depends on how you define it. Originally, a narcotic was any drug that made you sleepy. Today, medical professionals usually consider opioids such as Heroin and Codeine and Morphine to be narcotics. However, the US government considers any illegal drug to be a narcotic.

Is smoking considered a narcotic?

Depends what you're smoking...if you're smoking a narcotic substance, then yep, your'e smoking a narcotic. If it's a non-narcotic substance, then surprise surprise, you're not smoking a narcotic.

What are the different kinds of narcotics?

Narcotic drugs range from prescription medications, to illegal street drugs. Narcotic drugs include codeine, marijuana, morphine, heroine, and amphetamine.