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Yes it is. The original K2 (witch is most likely what everyone is talking about seeing as how noone seems to of heard about the NEW K2.) They do test for JWH-018 and many other chemicals in the K2 product. The new series of K2 incents though, are legal. Smoke these at your own risk. I smoked the original K2 when it was legal. I have yet to try the new K2 though. I was on probation a year ago when I tried legal K2 and now Im on probation again. But Im not one to risk getting locked up just to get high. Even though I REALLY want to.

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Q: Is k2 detected in probation drug test?
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Can synthetic K2 be detected for drug test?

Not in my experiences ;)

Does k2 show up on a probation drug test?

no because k2 is not technically marijuana. drug tests only test for the standard drugs like marijuana, cocaine, steroids and heroine. k2 would not show up on a drug test for probation because there are no ingredients in it that the probation drug test is testing for. on a side note, k2 is outlawed here now, so find something else to smoke.

If i were to smoke sinthetic cannabis also known as spice or K2 and my probation officer drug tested me would it show up on a drug test?

No, It will not show up on a drug test. I smoke spice everyday being on probation and I passed all my drug tests.

How long do you have to wait to pass a urine drug test after you smoke K2?

I smoked k2 and passed a drug test the same day! Good luck.

Can smoking K2 show in a 4 panal drug test?

No K2 does not show up in a drug test. I believe that there is only one lab that can test for it and the test is pretty expensive. K2 uses synthetic THC to mimic real THC.

Is k2 safe and will it show up on drug test?

yes it is legal, yes you'll pass a drug test.

What type of drug test detect k2?

the only drug test that can detect is in a lab,,, like a lab test

Can k2 show up in a drug test?


How long doe it take k2 to get out of your system?

k2 spice will stay in the human system from 2days to a week. and i can be detected in drug test, im n drug court and almost every time i use it, it got detected in my urine, so be careful. And make wise choose. Now i drink lots of water and juices and exercise more lets see how it turns out

Does herbal K2 show up in a drug test?


Can you pass a labatory drug test after smoking k2?


Will smoking k2 cause you to fail a hair follicle drug screen?

Many experts say that is undetectable in current drug tests. Spice University has a list of news articles discussion the detection of k2 in drug test.