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To quote my friend, who created the "Why Hide Your Penis?" Yahoo group:

"Men of all ages used to enjoy the company of other men in male-only settings without fear of ridicule or anything, and you could fully relax and just be yourself. I'd love for a return to that relaxed attitude, and I'm sure other guys do, too!

So many younger guys these days, and even some older ones, were not brought-up in an environment where guys take showers together after P.E. or sports activity, nude swimming at the local "Y", and other such true male bonding experiences that today they think it's "gay" or something to take showers in a group setting, let alone not rush through changing clothes under a towel or not even using a locker room!

A mere couple of decades ago, you'd be called a "girl", "sissy", "wimp", "wuss", a "fag", or even something obscene if you DIDN'T take a shower (nude) with your pals & teammates after such..

I have to agree with you a mere decades ago everyone was nude in the locker room everyone went through it and no guy ever made it to 15 without having been nude and not care in the locker room and look at us now in 2009 everyone will be a wuss nobody is nude in the locker room why not just change outside then. Now a days it is you call a person gay if he is nude in front of his own sex back then you are called wuss if your NOT NUDE in front of your own sex. Some people now wont even take off their SHIRT in the locker room they go into the stall instead! We should take this back to how it used to be.

All guys have the same body parts we all have 1 penis why are they then so afraid to see someone elses if they have seen there´s and there is no problem with seeing yours why is their a problem is seeing other guys. Come on seriously guys used to be more relaxed. Instead not change the name of a locker room to a stall room so everyone can change in the stall. My first day in 7th grade when the coach was telling us how things work she said you can change here in the lockers or in the stalls and if the stalls are full u can also change behind the curtain showers. Come on they should be saying everyone has to take a shower in the open shower we have over here. I say we try to take things back how they were and how they should be.

Be proud of the fact, and don't fool around fussing with trying to change under a towel, trying to keep your front side facing the wall in showers, hiding behind curtains & partitions dressing, etc!

And I don't know about you, but I've noticed that when I and others are more relaxed in the locker room, so it seems to be with other guys that usually do the "towel dance" & stuff. So, leave your towel for use when drying yourself only back on a hook or even in your locker, and you'll find others get more relaxed, too!"

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Its perfectly ok but you might want to have at lease someone else doing it to cuz it might be kinda awkward everyone looking at you and you just standing their nude unless you locker has curtains then by all meanse go for it.

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Yes. People take showers and change. In grade K-8th grade, people aren't naked, but are in underwear.

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oh yeah but best make it a boys only naked and girls clothed. much better ok

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If you glance a look it is considered normal. To stand and stare is not.

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Q: Is it wrong to be naked in the locker room?
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Yeah - embarrassed FOR you.

Do you shower naked in the locker room?

You shouldn't be walking around nude in any locker room, be it at a fitness club or at school. However, in the shower area, it should be fine.

Anyone shower naked in locker room?

Absolutely, you shouldn't be embarrassed to show ur junk in the locker room. Its normal and a great bonding experience for teams. Highschool hockey teams are naked in front of everyone all the time and It in fact makes everyone more comfortable with each other Sometimes no one will be naked because they aren't sure if they should be but if someone takes the first step and shows their stuff, everyone will soon follow along.

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tell all the guys that laugh at you that ure bigger then they will ever be

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Try to focus on the fact that everyone is there for the same reason - to change and shower after their workout. Remember that most people are preoccupied with their own thoughts and won't pay much attention to you. Prolonged exposure to the locker room environment can also help desensitize you to the fear over time.

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